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Gnanasampath.M Coimbatore, Third Rank – CA Final

Gnanasampath.M Coimbatore, Third Rank – CA Final

Q. How does it feel to be at the top?
Ans. It was a real surprise when a call came from Mr. CA. G. Ramasamy, the Past President of ICAI informing that I’ve scored AIR 3. It took some time for me relish it. I am really happy to make my parents, friends and well wishers feel proud.

Q. According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in the final exam.
Ans. Hard work, determination and self motivation are key factors in approaching the examination. Apart from that, motivation from parents, relatives, teachers and friends helped me to be confident during the preparation and exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my uncle Mr. Nachimuthu for his constant motivation and guidance.

Q. What strategy/study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam?
Ans. Considering the Extensive syllabus, I had planned for two revisions during preparation. Keeping in mind that we have only one day for the final revision before the exam, I decided that first and second revisions should be completed in 4 days and 2 days respectively. Handwritten notes in theory papers like Auditing and ISCA helped me a lot during the revision.

Q. How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?
Ans. Institute Publications like Practice Manuals, Suggested Answers, Supplementary Study Materials, Revision Test papers, Selected Case laws are crucial in preparation. It gives you insight into what is expected out of you in the examination.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?
Ans. At present, I am continuing my articleship training. I am Planning for employment in Industry.

Q. Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?
Ans. Yes, of course. The high Quality Curriculum, multifarious practical exposure through training for 3 years and inculcation of professional skills through the GMCS course, all set high standards of professional excellence. This Chartered Accountancy course ensures that students are not only well versed in subject knowledge but also in professional decision making and conduct.

Q. How would you motivate the youngsters joining this course?
Ans. No other aspect matters other than one’s own confidence. People have their own opinion. It is important to listen to them only as opinions and not generalize them. For someone whom CA is a passion, nothing can stand between him and success. So be passionate about the course, work “smart” and pursue the goal with sheer dedication. Success will follow you.